Monday, March 23, 2009

Are TLC's Jon & Kate getting a Divorce?

After tonight's Season Finale of "Jon & Kate Plus 8", it definitely leaves the door open if the show is going to return for a 5th season. On tonight's season finale, Jon says he is tired of having no privacy at all and is sick of it, whereas Kate loves doing the show. This definitely adds to the question if Jon & Kate are going to get a divorce which has been fueled by the tabloids.

Last month many tabloids have reported that Jon has been spending alot of time away from home and staying with his mother. The couple appears to have serious marriage problems now that Jon has started spending increasing amounts of time away from home and partying with college girls, claims In fact on Feb. 6, Jon was reportedly hanging out at Mimi's Martini Bar in Huntingdon, Penn. -- easily three hours away from the new home he and Kate moved into with their children -- when he met some girls from Juniata College who invited him to a house party.

"He walked in with two girls he met at Mimi's bar," a senior tells the magazine. "It was so cool."
Jon then proceeded to play beer pong and then follow the party with a nightcap at Memories Sports Bar & Grill, where he reportedly got drunker, flirted with the Juniata girls and told one, "We might be getting a divorce."

And Star Magazine is reporting Jon was dirty dancing with several of the girls and even kissing them on their necks and mouths. He later left with several of the girls.

Girls from Mimi's Martini Bar

In the March 23rd issue of In touch Weekly, on stands now, the magazine says Jon has returned home to his family after spending weeks at his moms house, in the magazine Jon addresses the nasty rumors of him & Kate getting a divorce to be false, that he was just staying with his mother cause she had a foot injury. And that his step dad was away and couldn't take care of her. Some sources say they are trying to save their marriage before season 5.

I guess were gonna have to wait and see to see if season 5 of "Jon & Kate plus 8" becomes "Kate plus 8 minus Jon". Stay tuned kiddies...