Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson Dies from Ski Accident in Canada

Natasha Richardson has died on Wednesday from a head injury she received while vacationing at Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Richardson suffered her head injury on the bunny hill on Monday and was conscious at the time. Medical workers rushed to the hill upon her accident to treat Richardson but they were told that they were unneeded. Later that night a ambulance was called to Ms. Richardson's five-star hotel near the base of Mont Tremblant. By that point, she was conscious but “wasn't in good shape” quotes the Globe & Mail. Richardson was then immediately rushed to the hospital where she later lost consciousness from the swelling of her brain. On Tuesday Richardson was then flown to New York for further treatment, where she died from her injuries.

Natasha Richardson is remembered as playing "Elizabeth Jane" in Parent Trap co-starring Lindsay Lohan and "Caroline Lane" in Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez . Richardson is survived by her husband Liam Neeson and they're children. See the video below to see her performance in "Maid in Manhattan".

Natasha Richardson in "Maid in Manhattan"