Thursday, August 6, 2009

Storm Rips Through the Big Valley Jamboree Killing 1 and Injuring Country Singer Billy Currington and his Band Member.

The vicious storm that ripped through Camrose, Alberta on Saturday August 1st, killed 1 person and injured dozens at the country music festival the "Big Valley Jamboree". About 6pm, just minutes before organizers of the music event were gonna issue an evacuation of the concert bowl, a wind storm blew through and collapsed the stage and blowing debris everywhere. A 35-yr woman from Lloyd minister died on the scene in which she was toppled by some huge speakers.

The stage at the time of its collapse, had approximately 100 people on it and surrounding it, including country singer Billy Currington, Kevin Costner, and their band members. Currington was hit in the head by a fallen pole and was immediately taken to the hospital in which he suffered a minor concussion but is expected to make a full recovery. Currington has been released from the hospital and has returned to his home in Nashville. Meanwhile Currington's bass player Alex Stevens was pinned under the wreckage of the stage for half an hour while rescue personnel removed debris to free him. Stevens underwent immediate surgery to repair a severed artery and nerves in his left arm and is currently receiving treatment in Nashville. Kevin Costner on the other hand had no injuries, just some minor cuts and bruises from helping people out of the wreckage.

Billy Currington just minutes after the stage collapsed,
with cuts on his face, was taken to the hospital.

Currington's bass player Alex Stevens was under the
wreckage for about half an hour.

Billy Currington just days after he was hit in the face.

Billy Currington sent a message to his fans on Monday via Twitter, "The boys and I are very grateful to be home and for life itself. We thank you for your prayers and concern and will see you on the road again soon."

Out of respect for the victims, organizers of the event cancelled Sunday's shows in which ending the event. Organizers of the Big Valley Jamboree are now considering cancelling the whole event indefinitely. I'll keep you posted.

Below is footage of the storm before and after as it blew into Camrose, Alberta without warning.