Thursday, October 15, 2009

Garth Brooks is Coming Out of Retirement...

Garth Brooks is having a LIVE press conference on his website at 2pm (MST) to address a special surprise for his fans.

Well Garth Brooks had a press conference in Nashville yesterday, and he told all reporters covering the event to bring a change of clothes because they were going on a overnight trip to Las Vegas where he was going to announce something big.

Well sources tell me, Garth Brooks will be announcing that he is coming out of retirement and will be headlining at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas as soon as December for a few years.

As most of you know, Brooks retired at the height of his career in 2000 to take a full-time part in raising his children.

Will you go see Garth Brooks? I would!


Anonymous said...

Yes Vernon, i would definently see Garth Brooks, yay finally woohoo :)