Friday, October 16, 2009

Was the "Balloon Boy" Drama a Hoax?

At about 11 am, a 6-year old boy from Fort Collins, Colorado disappeared at the same time his father's helium UFO space like balloon was seen floating away in the skies. Falcon's older brother who was 10, told his father that his brother got into the balloon and undid the ropes which then floated into the sky. The balloon which is a experimental project of Falcon's father, had a small compartment which would enable someone to ride in it, which made one believe that little Falcon was in there.

After an extensive rescue attempt which drew attention from all rescue units in the area, the media including CNN, and the National Rescue Guard. The boy was later discovered that he was not in the balloon when it landed, which lead everyone to believe that he fell out.

Well it turns out the little boy was hiding in the garage in the attic where he fell asleep. After almost 6 hours later, little Falcon came out and relieved the Nation that he was ok. Well everything was ok until later in a CNN interview with the family, Falcon said the reason he was hiding in the attic was he" did it for the show". Which then brought speculation that his parents did it as a publicity stunt since there were reality stars in the past. The family appeared on ABC's "Wife Swap" twice and are avid CNN I-reporters who submit their videos on storm chasing.

Watch the CNN Interview below. Do you think it was a hoax?

Watch the Drama unfold on "Balloon Boy" below on CNN.