Friday, January 15, 2010

Hannah Montana Say's Good-bye!

Hannah Montana will be shooting its fourth and final season in two-weeks and will conclude with a one-hour finale which will air in March 2011. Although production of Hannah Montana will wrap-up this summer, all the episodes of the fourth season will not be completely shown until early next year.

Hannah Montana which stars Miley Cyrus, premiered in 2006 and followed the title character of a teenager leading a double life. The character is a pop star and a normal teenager known as Miley Stewart. Season four will continue to focus on her struggle to balance both lives.

The fourth season will reflect the real-life struggle that Miley is having about saying goodbye to the character that made her famous.

"It's one of the things she's been wrestling with for months — whether it's time to make a decision to continue being Hannah Montana or just be a regular, ordinary girl," said Senior Vice President of Programming Adam Bonnett to MTV News.

The season three finale of Hannah Montana will air in mid-March and the Fourth season will begin late spring or early Summer.

Miley Cyrus's next film, "The Last Song," hits theaters on April 2.