Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 Calgary Stampede Coca-Cola Stage Revealed

The Greatest Outdoor show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede, announced in concert style the 2010 Coca-Cola Stage line up last night at Flames Central.  The private event which was for contest winners, the media, and VIPs, was hosted by local celebrity Dave Kelly who introduced the two mystery bands in attendance that were going to be two of the many performers preforming at the Coca-Cola Stage this year.  Those bands were Doc Walker and Default.

This year's Coca-Cola Stage lineup is being called "the largest Coca-Cola Stage lineup ever".

Watch the video below to see the unveiling of the Coca-Cola Stage.

2010 Coca-Cola Stage Announcement

Below is the Nashville North, Coca-Cola Stage, and Pengrowth Saddledome official headliner lineup.

Nashville North and the Coca-Cola Stage are FREE with Admission to the Calgary Stampede & Exhibition which is July 9-18, 2010.

Concerts at the Pengrowth Saddledome are accessed via ticket purchase only, which include FREE Admission to the Calgary Stampede.  Concert tickets are sold via Ticketmaster.

Click HERE to see pictures of the Coca-Cola Covert Concert.

Can't see schedule on your phone?  Click HERE for a simpler view of the Coca-Cola Stage & Nashville North line up, and Pengrowth Saddledome Concerts.

**Special Thanks goes out to the Calgary Stampede & Exhibition for the special invite for making this post possible.