Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bruce Springsteen in Calgary this Week..

If you think you may have seen the "BOSS"--Bruce Springsteen-- walking the streets of Calgary this week, odds are you probably have.

Bruce and his wife Patti Scialfa are in town this week to watch their 18 year-old daughter Jessica Springsteen compete in the Spruce Meadows National running June 9-13.

On Wednesday, Bruce was seen wading around in rubber boots and a rain slicker braving out the monsoon-like conditions that plagued the Meadows.

The Boss wasn't too keen on doing interviews, however, preferring to play the behind-the-scenes proud papa there to support Jessica.

"Really, I just try to stay out of it (the spotlight)," Springsteen said. "We're just here with our daughter.

"When I come to these events," he added, "I try to give my daughter all the room she needs."

Well thanks to the down pour Jessica wasn't able to ride her 3:30pm event in which they ended up returning back to their hotel room. No word on when she will ride her rescheduled events due to rain.

On Tuesday night, Bruce and his wife were also seen in the community of Inglewood where they had reservations at the legendary "Rogue" where they celebrated their 19th anniversary.

"He was great," said a young woman who works at Rouge, who asked the media not to be identified. "He enjoyed everything. It was fun."

Was she a fan? "I'm 18 years old!" she said. "I didn't really know his music. I've heard of him."