Friday, July 23, 2010

Barb Higgins Announces Her Departure from CTV News Lastnight..

UPDATE:  Barb Higgins has entered the race for Calgary's top position...the Mayor of Calgary.  Good Luck Barb!
News veteran Barb Higgins announced last night on the CTV-CFCN Evening News that she is hanging up her anchor desk job and leaving the nightly newscast for good.

"It's been an amazing 21 years, four months" said a teary eyed Darryl Janz as he was trying to hold back his tears and finish his sentence.

Higgins and Janz have anchored the News at 6 since March 5, 1989. Their 21 years of work on the anchor desk earned them the title of the longest serving anchor team in Canada. Together, they have delivered nearly five thousand newscasts to Calgary viewers.

So why is Barb leaving CTV? There is media and insider speculation that she maybe running for the Mayor of Calgary in the fall election.

When Barb left the station Thursday she said that now was not the time or place to talk about her future plans, but that they would be announced soon.

CTV has just learned that a local communications company in Calgary has purchased the domains and

So will Calgary see Barb again?  We'll just have to wait and see.  Good Luck Barb!

Watch the final tear jerker clip of the "CTV Evening News with Barb Higgins & Darryl Janz" below.

Barg Higgins Announces she is leaving CTV