Thursday, September 2, 2010

Taylor Swift Video Premiere

Taylor Swift debuted her first video single "Mine" this past weekend and she is still living a fairy tale in this one aswell.  The storyline is about a pretty girl who meets the handsome boy -- played by the singer's rumoured new fella, British actor Toby Hemingway.

Swift and her guy re-enact the verses of the song.  From meeting, falling in love, to disagreements, to making up.  But the fairy tale has a twist.  As we see in the beginning, Swift's character is haunted by watching a couple argue in a coffee shop which triggers flashbacks of her childhood watching her parents fight all the when her and her boyfriend get into a fight for the first time, she assumes that the relationship is over.  Until he surprises her and tells her that he'll never leave her and that every time he looks at her, he falls in love for the first time.  Cheesy but  The video then continues to flash forward to them having kids and living happily ever after.

Watch the video premiere of "Mine" below, which is off Taylor Swift's new CD entitled "Speak Now" due out Oct. 25.

Taylor Swift