Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barb Higgins Stands Up to BT's Mike McCourt this Morning..

Barb Higgins took a firm stance this morning with Calgary's Breakfast Television news anchor Mike McCourt.  For those that missed the broadcast, Mike was calling her previous campaign manager a "screw up" and was using that on judging her political instincts.  What about the issues Mike?  The interview seemed biased and it seems Mike had a hidden agenda against Barb.  What did you think?  Comment below.

As many Calgarians know, Barb's campaign is run by volunteers and I was impressed how she stood up for them by taking a firm stance with Mike.  I would definitely do that same!  These people are putting the sweat and tears into this campaign.

Mike obviously didn't learn about the "code of ethics" in journalism school. Truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability.  Mike you have great journalism skills but this ain't TMZ.  You handled your previous candidates with class and asked them about the issues, why wasn't Barb given the same opportunity to answer those questions.

Watch the BT broadcast below.

Breakfast Television:  October 14, 2010
Mike McCourt & Mayoral Candidate Barb Higgins


Scott Watmough said...

First of all, it's ironic that this article is calling Mr. McCourt biased while so fiercely defending Ms. Higgins.

Whether he came at her from a biased standpoint or not is entirely irrelevant. She herself more or less admitted that her campaign manager was doing a poor job (Which Mr. McCourt took the liberty of pointing out) and he's right - when you hire a campaign manager who can't, oh, I dunno, MANAGE YOUR CAMPAIGN, it speaks volumes for your political instincts.

Barb Higgins has been a newscaster for how long? It's not like she doesn't have the money or the connections to be able to hire a decent manager. Or, since she seems so intent on making herself seem grassroots, 'volunteer' one.

All Mr. McCourt did was point out that it's newscaster vs. politicians in a race for political office. He had every right to do so. His concerns about her being a marionette are also entirely justified. Barb Higgins is really, really good at looking pretty on television, which is, were she a marionette, all she'd ever have to do.

Karen said...

I disagree with Scott.. I watched breakfast with the candidates since last week and they discussed the issues.. the tunnel, LRT, finances, police..etc. why wasnt Barb given the opportunity to answer those questions. I hate to say Scott.. Barb aint a pyshic. As Barb said, her campaign is run by volunteers. And it is cruel to judge that Barb can't do the job. Ralph Klein really had no education other than journalism and look at the wonders he did for Calgary and Alberta!

Anonymous said...

I think Barb held her own...