Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Disney's Demi Lavato Leaves Tour to get Medical Help...

On Monday, Disney starlet Demi Lavato abruptly left the "Camp Rock Tour" with the Jonas Brothers to check her self into a medical facility to deal with her "emotional & physical issues". 

Now what issues is Demi battling to just get up and leave her tour?  Well online sources are saying that Demi has been battling a eating disorder aswell as self cutting herself.  So what went wrong?

On Monday, TMZ reported that Demi's decision was partly prompted by a physical altercation that she got into at Peru airport with a female dancer on the Jonas Brothers tour, for which she is the opening act.

A People source has confirmed that the fight with the dancer was the catalyst for Lovato's decision to seek treatment.

According to E! Online, following Lovato's dustup with the dancer, "the [Jonases'] dad told her, 'That's it. You're going home.'"  E! also reports that Demi threatened Joe's new girlfriend, Ashley Greene, who was also at the airport.

Whatever the full truth may be, clearly, the demons that Lovato has battled and bottled are beginning to affect her conduct.

What does the Lavato camp have to say about this?

On Monday, a Lovato family source told People, "She was bullied in school. She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting. ... Demi is taking control by getting help."   Childhood bullying appears to be one of the demons that Lovato is battling.

On the other hand, Demi's father Patrick, is telling RadarOnline.com he believes her acting career has affected her well-being.

He says the stresses of Hollywood are partially to blame for his famous daughter's issues, which reportedly include cutting, an eating disorder and struggles with body image.

"There are a lot of pressures," he told Radar. "That is one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney."  Patrick also stated he wasn't aware of his daughter getting bullied in school, but at the time she left public school her parents were already seperated.

So is Demi battling a eating disorder, body mutilation, or a break down of some sort.  Well we did some picture digging and we did find some pictures of Demi having some scars on her wrist,  Check out the picture above.

What ever Demi is dealing with, lets just hope she gets the help she needs.


Anonymous said...

i hate her and if she doesn't get the help she needs shell be a hypocrite just like the rest of society

Anonymous said...

she should die in a hole

Anonymous said...

You people are so CRUEL!!!! You obviously don't realize the affects of bullying!!!!!!! I cant believe you would even say that!!!!! My cousin killed himself last month from being bullied last month! And at least Demi tried to stay strong! It's so hard, you are jerks, and morons!!!! You obviously no nothing about bullying! cutting yourself (like Demi did) is one of the things that bullying can cause!!! It brings a pain worse then what you have to feel daily, it makes you feel free. Or at least thats what my 14 year old cousins diary said!!! And she's not a hypocrite. She wants help, and thats fine!!! These things can scar you for like! I was bullied in grade school and high-school and the things some of the kids did still haunt me to this day!!!
AND NEVER EVER, tell someone to "Die" you have NO RIGHT in this world, to EVER say that, especially to someone you don't even know! You too are sick, and if you keep up this crap God isn't going to be very happy with you!

Anonymous said...

I was bullied too and i want her to get better.Shes my favorite acctress and i love her.You dont tell someone to die because you hate her.that is just plain rude.Actually i have cut myself too and i got over it so i think demi can too.If you have ever heard the song Skyskraper it explains this but if you havent you need to listen to it.It tells what has happend.