Monday, November 8, 2010

Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" Single Debuts...

Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" single has just been released this morning to help promote his upcoming album entitled "MICHAEL".  The album which is slated for a December 14 release, is already running into controversy as family members are saying the track is fake.

Michael's mom Katherine and children Paris and Prince are saying "Breaking News" along with 2 other tracks on the album, which were recorded by Eddie Cascio in 2007 at his New Jersey home, are fake.

What does Sony have to say?  Well Sony has done a bunch of voice authentications, and the record company is convinced it's the real deal.

I guess the only people that can really decide besides his family are his fans.  Have a listen to the track below and you decide.  Leave your comments below, I am curious to know what you think!

"Breaking News"
Michael Jackson