Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keenan Cahill Get's Down with David Guetta..

YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill posted another video yesterday...this time he's not by himself but in the company of David Guetta. Keenan is definitely on his way to stardom.

Not sure who Keenan is?  Well Keenan is a high school student who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease at the age of one called MPS Type 6 which causes multi systemic abnormalities.  MPS is a progressive disease and leads to severe disability and a shortened life span in virtually all cases.  Despite these difficulties, Keenan has definately broke stardom barriers, not only has he caught the eye of Katy Perry to 50 Cent but he also appeared on various talk shows.  Keenan's YouTube hobby is no longer a hobby..its now his career.

Watch the video clip below..

Keenan Cahill with David Guetta