Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prince William & Kate Middleton Calgary Stampede Bound?

According to reliable sources, it has been confirmed that Prince William and future bride Kate Middleton are Calgary bound on Friday July 8 which is their last day in Canada...but wait there is more!

Now the buzz behind closed doors is that the Prince and his beautiful bride will be associated to Calgary Stampede in some way.  Could it be that they will be the 2011 Calgary Stampede & Exhibition parade marshals?  Well Calgary Stampede reps are not confirming or denying this latest buzz.

But adding to the buzz, Premier Ed Stelmach said the royal visit — which he called a "welcomed surprise" — will coincide with the Calgary Stampede.

"We'll have to find some hotel rooms for them," Stelmach jokingly told reporters Wednesday.

So stay tuned to Chiefmoon Entertainment for updates.  All I can tell you is Stampede organizers are excited and will release an official announcement in weeks to come.

Prince William & Kate will be married on April 29, 2011 at Westminister Abbey in London.