Friday, February 4, 2011

Strange Week in the News...

What is going on in our world today?  This week has been a weird week for news headlines which have been out of the ordinary.  Is it because 2012 is at our door step or is it just coincidental.  Checkout this weeks weird news below.

UFO over Jerusalem:
Over the weekend YouTube was buzzing over videos of a UFO hovering over the 'Dome of the Rock', an Islamic shrine in Jerusalem.  With all the videos that were uploaded, one thing for certain is they were all n-sync to the UFO event that was unfolding.  If you haven't seen the footage, it all begins when a bright light comes from the sky and hovers down towards the shrine..once just feet away from the top of the shrine, the hovering light emits a bright flash of light and shots back up into the sky.  Now as you watch the light shoot up into the sky, keep staring into the night sky and you can see pulsating red lights outlining a large mass of some sort. Is it a  UFO?  It is the first credible evidence to date and it has the Internet and scientist buzzing that we are not alone.  Watch two eye-witnesses videos below.

UFO Footage #1 in Jerusalem
UFO Footage #1 in Jerusalem

UPDATE: Same thing happened in Utah on Monday.  Watch video below.

UFO unleashes strange light over Utah on Jan.31.

Massive Blizzard Buries Chicago:

It was like a scene out of the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' when a two-day snow storm buries Chicago Tuesday night literally having motorists abandon their vehicles.  The snow and wind was so intense, city officials had to close off busy Lake Shore Drive during rush hour and rescue motorist in snowmobiles as their vehicles were literally getting buried by the wet and heavy snow.  Buildings and power lines collapsed over the two-day event but most of the power has been restored.

You think Chicago can now grasp a sigh of relief now that the storm has past, not true.  Another snow storm is coming up from Texas, YES TEXAS!  Texas had been below 0c all week and has been getting snow.  This system has even affected Mexico aswell.  Check out the pictures below.

Monster Cyclone Shatters Australian Towns:

Australia's biggest cyclone in a century shattered entire towns, pummelling the coast and churning across the country on Wednesday, which terrified locals but causing no confirmed fatalities.  Cyclone 'Yasi' hit land at around midnight, packing winds of up to 290 kilometres per hour in a region still reeling from record floods last month.  The storm hit north-east Australia in the Queensland area.  Watch the video below.

News Footage of Cyclone Yasi

Yesterday in Vancouver, environmentalist David Suzuki said while accepting an award that our world is in far worse shape today than ever before.  So does he thinks something is not right with our world? I guess were just going to have to watch the news and see.