Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is Beyonce's Pregnancy Fake?

Beyonce is in the news again..this time she has been forced to address the rumours that she is NOT sporting a prosthetic baby bump. All this comes about after her appearance on Australian Channel 7's "Sunday Night".  Beyonce's comes out with her bulging baby bump to take a seat with the host and as she is about to sit down, the bump then appears to squash or pop.  And her look on her face after.. kind of says it all.   Watch the pregnancy scandal unfold on the video clip by TMZ below.

Is Jessica Simpson & Beyonce Preggo?

Now the buzz on the Internet is conspiracy theorists are saying the star is pretending to be pregnant, while secretly a surrogate carries the baby instead, because she doesn't want the childbirth to affect her body.  Another Internet rumor is stating Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce and got a mystery woman pregnant and they are going to take the baby.

Here is what Wendy Williams had to say about Beyonce's mystery bump on her show..

Wendy Williams take on Beyonce's Baby Bump

A spokesperson told ABC News today that insinuations about the 30-year-old singer donning a prosthetic belly for an interview on Australian television, were "stupid, ridiculous and false".

Is Beyonce really five months pregnant?  Could it be the bump is not yet that hard and still like jelly. Twitter fans are coming to her defence saying "she's probably just carrying a lot of fluid."  I have complete faith in girl prove them wrong, it's time to do a semi nude baby bump photo shoot like what Demi Moore did. lol.  We'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, watch the Australian Interview in its entirety below..

"Sunday Night" Interview with Beyonce