Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taylor Swift gets Apology from Kanye West after Appearing on "The View".

Yesterday Taylor Swift appeared on "The View" and she commented on what she was feeling when Kanye West made his rant about her winning MTV's Female Video of the Year. When Barbra Walters asked if Kanye West had actually reached out to the country-pop singer via an e-mail, phone call or through representatives, Swift said "no". Joy then asked Taylor if she had hard feelings about it, she replied "I'm not going to say that I wasn't rattled by it but I had to preform 5-minutes later so I had to get myself back to the place where I could preform."

Towards the end of the interview Whoopi then looked into the camera and said aloud "hopefully if Kanye is watching, he'll know what to do". She then winked at Swift and then looked back into the camera.

Representatives from "The View" say West called Swift after her appearance on Tuesday's show. "The View" says Swift has accepted the apology.

Watch Taylor Swift's appearance on the "View" below.