Monday, December 14, 2009

Strange Light Opens Up in Norway Skies

Is it a portal to a new dimension or activity from alien life forms. Scientists are baffled by what caused they eerie strange light show in the sky that shone down on to the ground lastweek (Dec.9). Various suggestions were put forward by scientists that it could be a meteor explosion, an unusual display of Northern Lights, an out-of-control Russian missile, and some are saying could it be a UFO - or even a space portal.

The strange display occurred at 8.45am, and lasted for about two minutes, with eyewitnesses describing a bright blue tail tapering towards the ground and exploding into incandescent white Catherine wheel behind a glowing centre.

The sky continued to glow a vivid blue afterwards. News sources are now saying authorities said it was a Russian missile exercise gone wrong, but a spokesman for the Russian military insisted there was no connection, saying: "This light was not caused by us."

Eerie I say! Watch the strange spiraling light in the sky footage below.