Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amazing Race Contestant Get's a Watermelon to the Face..

A female contestant got more than what she bargained for besides stardom on the upcoming season of Amazing Race,  she got a watermelon smashed into her face.

In a task gone wrong, Claire Champlain was competing on challenge that required the contestants to use a watermelon-hurling slingshot to knock down targets a short distance away. But Champlain's efforts backfired when a watermelon she was attempting to fling stayed in the slingshot's pouch and was flung back at her.

The watermelon smacked Champlain in the face, exploding on impact. "I can't feel my face," Champlain said when her partner and Home Shopping Network co-host Brooke Roberts went to her aid. "I have the worst headache ever." Footage of the incident was released on Twitter by CBS as part of a promotion for the premiere of season 17 of the show.

Claire was the YouTube fame and soon to be prime time fame worth the melon to the face?  Ouch!  Hope there is no long term effects.

Amazing Race premieres Sept. 26 on CBS and CTV.  Watch the video below.

Amazing Race contestant gets a watermelon to the face