Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Angela Kokott Say's Farewell to Global Calgary Morning News..

If you missed the last segment of Global Calgary's "Morning News" Edition on Friday, then you probably missed Angela Kokott's sudden farewell.  After nearly 20 years being with Global Calgary, Kokott had decided to return to radio as replacement for longtime "Calgary Today" host Mike Blanchard on CHQR AM 770.

Kokott released the following statement on Global Calgary's website:

"What a treat it's been sharing my mornings with such a loyal audience. I truly will miss my TV Husband, Bruce McAllister ... and my 'little brother' Todd Gallant. I've shared so many laughs with them, it has definitely made waking up at 2:30a a little easier. Thanks for letting me into your 'home' weekday' mornings. It's tough to leave such a great 'family' but will enjoy moving over to QR Radio's afternoon show "Calgary Today" where I'll actually be able to stay up past 8p. Thanks again for all your support over the years."

You can continue to follow Angela again beginning Dec. 6 as she begins her new gig as "Calgary Today" host from 3-6:30pm on CHQR AM 770.

All the best in your new gig Angela!!!  Watch Angela Kokott's tearful exit on Global Calgary's Morning News below.

Angela Kokott's Tearful Farewell on Global