Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oprah Surprises her Audience with "Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things - Part 2"

On Monday's "Oprah", Oprah sat candidly with her audience to get their reaction of missing out on the taping of her "Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things" holiday special in the taping before theirs.  Oprah taped two shows on the same day and she had good reason too.  Oprah rubbed her audience's misfortune in there faces for a good laugh, but what the audience didn't know was Oprah was preparing them for a "Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things - Part 2" since it was her last season.

The highlight of "Oprah's Favorite Things - Part 2" was a Apple iPad. $1,900 diamond earrings, Coach purse's, $1000 gift card to Nordstrom Lingerie, and the highly buzzed 2012 Volkwagon Beetle which will be delivered to the audience in May 2011.

Watch the video clips below to watch the audiences reaction.

"Oprah's Favorite Things - Part 2" Summary courtesy of CelebTv

Oprah surprises her audience with a VW Beetle