Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canuck Fans Disgrace Vancouver Pride...

After just over a year of showing the world what Vancouver pride is all about...the city's image is now tarnished as it graces headlines with disgrace.

On Wednesday evening, Vancouver's pride for it's Canucks and the sport of hockey took a turn for the worse after it's NHL team "Vancouver Canucks" were crushed 4-0 in the deciding game of the Stanley Cup finals.  Riots from angry fans began immediately on the streets after the final whistle was blown. Individuals among the 100,000 or so watching the game downtown started fighting, overturning port-a-potties and torching nearby vehicles. Hundreds then gravitated to other downtown areas to create havoc.

There were stabbings, cars set on fire, stores were looted throughout the downtown area, and even reports of a Boston Bruin fan pushed off a bridge.  Police tried to gain control of the streets with no success by using tear gas and pepper spray to try breakup the ugly outbreak of violence.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson condemned the "hooligans" responsible for the riot in interviews with reporters.  "It's a bunch of angry young man who are fighting, smashing things, lighting cars on fire," the mayor said. "It's absolutely shameful and disgraceful and in no way represents the city of Vancouver."

Well the damage is now done Vancouver hockey fans... just how will you erase this event from the attention of the world!  Watch the footage below.

 CNN Vancouver Riot Coverage
Global National Coverage
Associated Press Footage

Story Image Source: The Vancouver Sun