Friday, July 22, 2011

Rebecca Black Releases Second YouTube Video to a Whopping 12-Million Views in the First Week:

On Monday July 18, Rebecca Black released a her second follow up to her hit sensation "Friday".

Black's second single and video entitled "My Moment", has already had over 12-million views in just a few days. although the single is not as catchy as "Friday", she definitely has matured a bit with her vocals. The video is also better produced than her “Friday” video, which generated more than 160 million views.

If some you haven't noticed, "Friday" was removed from YouTube last week. Black and her team have disputed the rights of the video with Ark Music Factory, the company Black’s parents paid $4,000 to produce it. So it will be awhile before "Friday" will be back on her YouTube page... the viral creation is in the hands of the

So why has Black's second single generated so many views, is it curiosity or she has a huge fan base? You decide! "My Moment" is also available on iTunes.  Check out the video below...

"My Moment" - Rebecca Black