Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone 4s Unveiled Today..

Apple's CEO Tim Cook who recently replaced CEO and Co-founder Steve Jobs, unveiled its new iPhone today but it wasn't what Apple fans expected, they were expecting the iPhone 5.  Despite  the minor upset the new iPhone 4s has many awesome features.  Check them out below in the video and list features..

iPhone 4s Commercial

iPhone 4s Unveiling
iPhone 4s Features:
  • Faster performance than the iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4S steps up from the iPhone 4 A4 chip with the dual-core A5 chip. CPU tasks are said to be twice as fast and the graphics seven times faster than the previous iPhone.
  • improved camera with an eight megapixel sensor and full 1080p HD video recording.
  • The new iPhone is a world phone, both GSM and CDMA so for users who have an unlocked iPhone 4S, they’ll be able to use SIM cards from around the world to get wireless service. That’s an important consideration for travellers who want to avoid huge roaming wireless fees.
  • iPhone 4s introduces "Siri", Apple’s new voice-activated personal assistant that could change the way we interact with our phones just as Apple changed the way we use computers when it introduced its first iPad. In a demonstration at the announcement at Apple’s Cuptertino, California campus, Siri answered questions and pulled up apps on the phone to do everything from setting up and changing appointments, sending texts, checking the weather and counting down the days to Christmas.
  • Battery life has increased to eight hours of talk time with the new iPhone.
  • Today also marked the launch of Apple’s new iOS 5 and iCloud, a new set of free cloud services that store and synchronize content throughout devices, from iPhones to iPads, iPod touches and computers.
For the first time Canada will not have to wait for the iPhone 4s release, they can get the iPhone the same time as the U.S.  Apple will start taking pre-orders beginning on Oct. 7 and will deliver the phones on Oct. 14.  But these iPhones would most likely be the unlocked phones which are a lot more the iPhones that are on a plan.  These iPhones would probably start around $649 for 16GB.  A 16GB on a plan would start around $199.  Check out an example of the iPhone on particular plans in the picture above.

iPhone 4 users who are not read to upgrade, the iOS 5 upgrade will be available Oct. 12 as a free upgrade.

No date has been set for the iPhones to hit your local mobility store.  I'll update this blog as soon as I find out.