Friday, November 25, 2011

Only On the Maury Show..LMAO

One viewer recently captured what might be among the strangest "Maury" episodes to date.

The recording features a couple awaiting the results of a paternity test (normally what you see on the show), but Joe, the alleged father, is positive the baby is a result of mother Shannon's supposed affair with Tom Anderson, the co-founder of MySpace.

Joe couldn't believe that he could father a baby born with blue eyes and light hair, so after he did a "little bit of investigating," he stumbled across Anderson's picture on Shannon's MySpace page and figured the baby must be his.  Now here is where it gets funnier, Tom Anderson is your first friend when you open up a profile... apparently Joe didn't know this.

So what did he do, Joe called up the Maury show to confirm his suspicions.

Maury's team contacted Anderson's people to see if the entrepreneur wanted to appear on the show; needless to say, he "passed" on the offer. LMAO.  Check out the clip below!

A man appears on Maury convinced that the creator of MySpace
is the father of his child.